Why Refer Patients to Our Practice?

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Jack A. Maxwell Sleep Medicine

  • Quality of Care: Each patient is valuable and deserves to be treated with the highest level of care and concern.  We value how much trust you are placing in us with your patient referrals and our work with your patients reflects our appreciation for your patient AND for you.
  • Experience and Expertise: Since 2005, Dr. Maxwell has been diagnosing and managing the full spectrum of sleep disorders, and helping those afflicted with these disorders to live a healthy life.  Our providers have more than 40 years of combined patient care experience and it shows!
  • Timeliness and Rapid Turnaround: Unlike many other local providers, we have a fully-staffed and growing practice.  We are ready for your patients when they and you are.  That means that patient appointments are available at patient convenience, including evening appointments several days a week.  Consultations, interpretations and results are generally ready within 1-2 business days after appointments or studies.
  • Integrated Care: Once you refer a patient, we handle all the insurance work, scheduling, and coordination.  If sleep studies or other diagnostic services need to be performed, we refer to and coordinate carefully with the premier sleep centers to perform this work.     
  • Responsiveness to your Practice Preferences:  Our practice seeks to respond to your preferences in sleep diagnosis and management.  We will support you whether you want to be directly involved in providing diagnosis or interpretations of studies or if you want our sleep-certified professionals to handle all the diagnostic work.  In either case, we support you with the full complement of consultations, patient counseling, follow-up care and ongoing management.
  • Extensive Follow-Up and Management: Compliance and sound adherence to treatment protocols is critical to the effectiveness of  sleep disorder treatment.  Many providers and patients have experienced poor outcomes because of poor follow-up and management.  We understand this from personal experience and, have built one of the most thorough follow-up programs in the industry to ensure optimal compliance for your patient.  Our own professionals manage:​
    • Regular follow-up appointments with patients
    • Rigorous management of 3rd-party providers including durable medical equipment providers
    • Regular phone contact between staff and with patients 
    • Ongoing monitoring of patient compliance data
    • Ongoing management of patient equipment needs including replacement supplies